About Me

portraitArtist Alexandra Brin has seen beauty and drama in everyday life since she was a child growing up in Moldavia, then part of the Soviet Union.

While she worked as an artist from the time she was 17, she never had the opportunity to display her private work. After she and her family moved to United States in 1990, she immediately took advantage of the freedom to express herself artistically and to show her work publicly.

Alexandra finds inspiration for her art in vacation travels as well as through old photo albums and stories told by her grandmother, who lived in Europe at the turn of 20 century. “This is a world that is gone, and I like to revive some of those images through my paintings,” she explaines.

Alexandra has a studio at her home and often finds the natural light of the kitchen preferable. She takes over the table for some period every day, whether it’s for a half-hour or the entire weekend.

“We went to Europe three years ago, and Israel last year,” she says.

Usually Alexandra will sketch the image that she’s attracted to, then fill it in with watercolor, pencils or pen and ink later. She’ll occasionally draw a finished landscape when she finds a site particularly captivating.

“I see no limit in place or time to the beauty of life. It’s everywhere – just look around and you can see.”

Opus Gallery is proud to present new collection of Alexandra Brin drawings “Déjà vu” to the Cleveland art collectors.




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