My Art


Влекома одной, подчиняющей страстью,
Как в зеркало, в строчки гляжу.
Рисую картины-молитвы о счастье,
Молюсь о просвете в душевном ненастье,
И снова за строки сажусь…

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Drawings on pumpkin seeds

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As the ages go by, the beauty of nature and art, new world and old sites, the beauty of life itself with its drama and love and spirit never end.

Exploring the world, I see there is no limit in place and time to the beauty of life. It is everywhere, just look around and you can see it. I’d like to bring and show this beauty to my viewers.

Observation is everything to me because is connected to that which can be processed into a visual art.

I can draw inspiration from just about everything – be it a trip, a simple flower or an interesting face, sound of music or grace of a dance, a beautiful landscape or just a falling leave, an antique photo or an old story, the contrast between sunshine and a deep shadow in a street on a bright summer day, or a forgotten old orchard, or just a tree branch or blossom.

I admire architecture of the Old World, I love Shtetl – small Jewish town or village in Eastern Europe, there heritage, this is the world that is gone and I like to revive some of those images through my paintings. It seems old walls expand emotions and warmth of those who touched them or just went by and I try to express it in my “Old Europe” and “Shtetl” series. Some of my works have a special meaning that I want to show to my viewers with no doubts of what is it and what I wanted to say, also, in some other art works I want to show that a painting doesn’t have to be challenging just enjoy its beauty and what it brings to you. It can be just something to please your eye.

Most times I’d like to work on them in my own favorite media I name it  IMBRATTATURA   water-brushed ink and pencil. Also watercolor is my first love. Sometimes I use a dry pumpkin seed on my drawing for a 3-D effect.   I like to work using watercolor, ink, pencils and I love to mix them sometimes, too.

I take sketches and pictures during my travel in Europe, Israel, states. they are my references and I use my imagination also, looking back to beginning of the 20th century. I sketch a scene often in graphite or charcoal and sometimes those sketches become works of art in themselves.

I put my heart in each of my art work and I hope you can feel it.

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